Opposition should use Sata’s useless MPs to impeach him


By Nason Msoni
President Sata is now vulnerable and ripe for impeachment as his sour working-relationship with his colleagues in government has hit rock-bottom and has effectively given-way to bad blood and mistrust with his members of parliament.
It is either his members of parliament accept to collaborate with the opposition now or risk being not adopted in 2016 as stated by president Sata himself by assisting to impeach Mr Sata who has on many occasions made willful constitutional breaches sufficient enough to warrant the commencement of the impeachment process.
As useless as his members of parliament are, the opposition can make them useful briefly by capitalizing on the internal in-fighting in the Patriotic Front and using these inept and demonized political zombies to sponsor a private members motion on the floor and commencing the impeachment process with haste to remove the incompetent Zambian President.
We urge law-makers in Zambia to sniff the blood from the wound which has opened that is leaking and take the opportunity that has presented it ‘self to us (Zambian public) with both hands and remove the stumbling block that is blocking us from having a new constitution constitutionally so that we can comfortably give to our good-selves the well deserved gift of a new people –driven constitution.
True to say that if Members of Parliament are useless then it also follows that the entire cabinet which is chiefly constituted amongst MPs is also useless and the entire cabinet comprising the President and Vice-President is just equally useless.

In the circumstances the Zambian government must resign itself on account that it is unfit to govern because its composition material is useless or “uzeless” as confirmed by President Sata. Efyoyeya Batata!! (Thats how it goes).

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