Opposition to demonstrate next week as PF panics

Youth members of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) in Lusaka are planning to stage a demonstration next Thursday to protest against the appointment of their MPs as deputy ministers in the PF government, according to Zambia Reports

President Michael Sata has appointed 9 members of parliament from the former ruling party as deputy ministers in his government, a move that has irked MMD leader Nevers Mumba.
Mumba says the move by President Sata is aimed at weakening the opposition and warned that it was sabotaging the country’s democracy.
Early this week, Mumba attempted to hold talks with the Head of State but he was blocked from seeing the President and was later sent away for visiting without an appointment.
This has annoyed MMD youths who now want to stage protests to petition President Sata to reconsider his appointments.
The youths have set Thursday next week as the day for demonstrations but the Lusaka Province police command has remained silent on whether the move has blessings from the law enforcement wing.
The PF meanwhile are worried that the demonstrations may cause mayhem, given the incident that followed when UPND youths were beaten by State police for demonstrating against President Sata’s suspension of Supreme Court Judge Philip Musonda, Nigel Mutuna and Charles Kajimanga of the High Court.
PF deputy national chairperson Elizabeth Phiri says MMD youths should drop their plans to demonstrate as it would not stop Sata from appointing more MPs
Phiri said the MMD should instead take the appointment of their MPs as a blessing because the party will never rule again.

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