Opposition UPND wins Katuba

Opposition UPND wins Katuba

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has won the Katuba by-election with a landslide margin despite beatings from and vote buying by the ruling PF

Katuba is just after Independence stadium and shares Miles Sampa’s Matero constituency.

With only votes from 2 polling stations that had remained by 23 hours local time, UPND candidate Jonas Shakafuswa had 4 695 while his closest rival Moses Chilando of the ruling Patriotic Front had 2, 655 with the MMD in distant third after Cecil Homes got 646 votes.

Other parties recorded zero votes in most polling stations. As for Frank Bwalya’s party ABZ, it was just drama.

Their candidate Patricia Mwashingwele turned up at a polling station to cast her vote without her voter’s card. She didn’t even vote for herself.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 21.14.33The UPND have also won a ward in Chililabombwe, a region widely viewed as a ruling party stronghold and another ward in Luampa western province.

The other ward election in Western province has been won by ADD, led by Charles Milupi.

There was confusion in a Mpongwe ward by-election as ballots counts showed that the UPND had won but after many hours, the PF candidate was declared winner.

The Patriotic Front retained the Wusakile ward in Kitwe where they command strong presence but were given a good run by UPND.

In Chililabombwe, the UPND candidate Kelly Simukoko in Mvula Ward polled 139 votes in a closely contested that saw the PF finish second on 123 votes.

The results for Mpoulungu results were still awaited but reports show that it was a neck to neck contest between PF and UPND.

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