Opposition win moral battle in Mpongwe

No one believes that the victory of the PF in the Mpongwe by-election was without political deceit and questionable conduct. It is very difficult for any sober minded person alive at what was happening  in the campaigns and the obvious blatant abuse of the supposedly electoral code of conduct can confidently congratulate the PF and its candidate Namulambe for scooping the seat.
The obvious intimidation by the huge presence of the police  and the general apathy arising out of the violence by the PF put off a majority voters.
The reported collection of voter’s cards by the PF candidate  disenfranchised the majority of would be voters as such this does not present a fair and credible election going by the number of reported electoral malpractices. Where you have a credible electoral body such a result should have been in all fairness a nullify .
The candidate responsible for the conduct should have been disqualified for the un acceptable conduct and breach of the ground rules guiding the campaign. Therefore it is the opposition who have won a moral battle. The true victors are the opposition political parties that participated in the fraudulent election.
Nason Msoni

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