Original PF promised people constitution not amendments – Kabimba

Rainbow Party Leader Wynter Kabimba says Zambians have been cheated in the constitution making process and should therefore not praise the PF for the constitution amendment bill passed by Parliament recently.

Mr. Kabimba says it is painful that some stakeholders are praising the PF Government that they have delivered 80 percent of the new constitution which is not what the ruling party promised in its manifesto.

He says the PF have gone against their own manifesto which he helped formulate, with regards the constitution making process.

Mr. Kabimba has since called for a platform on which consensus should be reached over the constitution making process.

He says there is no doubt that the current PF leadership has abandoned the PF manifesto pertaining to the constitution making process.

The Former PF Secretary General and Justice Minister says having been part of a team that formulated the PF manifesto, the route of amending the constitution was never discussed at any time.

He explains that the PF manifesto clearly states that the PF will abolish the current constitution and replace it with a new supreme law of the land.

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