Orphans engaged as cotton labourers

Magoye Association for Orphans Education in Mazabuka is concerned at the high number of small scale cotton farmers allegedly recruiting orphaned pupils from Magoye basic school as farm workers.

Association Chairman, Macjewey Simwale said most of the orphaned children are engaged to pick cotton from fields.

Mr Simwale told ZANIS in Mazabuka that the children are also engaged to ferry water and laguage for people travelling to Magoye Junction in order to raise funds to buy food for their aging grandparents and also meet school requirements.

“We are concerned because some of the children have completely stopped attending classes in preference to look for money to buy food for their families but we have managed within our capabilities to sponsor them to school and not food,” said Simwale.

Mr Simwale said three boys have since been retrieved and sent back to school after the association intervened and bought their school requirements.

He said there is need for Non Governmental Organizations championing the cause of human rights to partner with his organization in sensitizing the community on the need to respect children’s rights.

Mr Simwale said his organisation is currently supporting 25 orphans through the purchase of uniforms, books and school fees but has no centre to accommodate the children.

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