Other tribes blaming us Bembas due to Sata’s mediocre leadership – Never Mumba

All tribes in the country have ganged up against Bemba speaking because of poor leadership provided by President Sata and the situation has to be corrected because innocent Bemba speaking people will suffer for the sins they have not committed, MMD President Nevers Mumba has said.
Speaking when he addressed a campaign meeting in Kalyongo near the Democratic Republic of Congo border in Mansa Central Constituency ahead of the Mansa parliamentary by-elections on November 22, Dr. Mumba said the leadership provided by President Sata has been mediocre and the worst since Zambia attained independence.
“Wherever I go people are saying no you Bembas we can’t vote for you again because of what Sata has done. Should I pay for for Sata’s sins? No. Do I like look like Sata? he asked as people shouted no.
” Lozi, Tongas, Chewas, Ngonis and many other tribes have found us with a case to answer they are saying you Bemba speaking you have brought problems through Sata’s leadership” he said.
He said it was more reason why the Bemba speaking regions should secure the political future of their children by making sure that they do not vote for patriotic front candidates in by-elections because doing so would be giving Sata a passport for misrule.
Dr. Mumba who emphasised that he does not hate President Sata but hates his lies said President Sata should get back to the drawing board and make sure that he does not jeopardise the future of Bemba speaking politicians because of his medicre leadership.
Dr. Mumba is on a campaign trail in Mansa Central constituency ahead of the Mansa parliamentary by-elections that takes place on November 22,2013 after the death of Kennedy Sakeni who was also Information Minister. The MMD is fielding Alfred Malama Kapolyo as its candidate while the PF is fielding Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, UPND is fielding Mrs.Rachael Mwiche while the FDD are fielding Mr. Alfred Mwape.
Ironically all the three PF, UPND and FDD candidates are former MMD members.

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