The children we feed brought us this PF calamity

Dear editor,

We have a lot of youths in Zambia more than the wise adults. Believe me, youths are easily cheated, no wonder politicians targets them. Almost 90% of youths voted for PF, Why? Because they were promised jobs, because they were promised more money in their pockets.

However, the wise adults saw danger in those promises. These same youths are the people we keep, they are the people we sponsor for school e.t.c but they brought calamity on us who feed them. We told them not to vote for liars but they were too arrogant. The chaps we feed!

I therefore submit to the NCC that the right to vote should be moved from 18 years to 36 years of age and above. Only people at this age and above can vote wisely.

The chaps who I feed, the chaps whose bed they are sleeping on I bought. They look clean because of the soap I buy. I tell them, its not possible to have the country develop in 90 days. Ati, its possible brother.

Am a wise adult am telling them not to vote for these liars, the chaps voted for them against my advise and later celebrated after its announced that the liars have won. They used my TV to watch, they used my music system to play that useless song called donch kubeba, now I cant even find a ka pamela to feed them.

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