Our country needs thinkers now

Let us unify ourselves in policies and in action – fellow zambians, my brothers and my sisters, sons and daughters. Let us all unite to build a better zambia.

It sometimes saddens my inner being whenever I see the leaders of the land backsliding into doing what needs not to be done. Our leader need to set their priorities right and good. I hereby advice the youths of today to provide some sort of solutions to the problems mother Zambia is facing whenever we do criticize. In view of this, then we must first of all be truefull to ourselves because it is said that the highest duty of the writer is to remain true to themselves.

The fact is that, current leaders of our land do not know how to set their priorities right. Priorities that are set to benefit at least the majority of our people. They have no idea of separating needs from wants. The leaders do not even know that-in everything, it is always “first thing first”- the majority zambians.

Most politicians all over Zambia are politically insane and corrupt. This is because once they get into office, all of a sudden everything of theirs tend to change, from their attitude to their way of living, which indeed can not move the nation any further, regardless of the number of measures the very few moral ones are able to put in place.

Where the leaders need to construct roads to facilitate the efficient and smooth transportation of goods and services, you see them talking about their salaries. Where they need to think about how to create employment for their citizenry, they waste the whole day sitting under fully air-conditioned rooms with their girlfriends – chating and drinking wine. Our leaders do not have any thing good for us the youths. The government built hospitals are suffering from common water, food and even beds shortages. In fact, our leaders have all failed us. They failed us in advance even before the very first day they cling unto their respective positions all because of their sellfish motives.

Now, where do we go from here? In a society of this sought, the only best alternative move for the less-privileged, the poor, unemployed and the rest is to “arms” ourselves with unite and fight for our children’s future by voting wisely in every election. Because, if our leaders are refusing to think like leaders then they need to suffer the consequences of the pain inflicted indirectly on the populace.

We need thinkers amongst our leader, thinkers of great thoughts. We need leaders, born leaders of men. Zambia has had very few good and dedicated leaders with a vision. Who undoubtedly had the interest of the people and national develoment at heart. But many of our leaders from the President to the grassroot leaders all think that, being in “government power” is a mean to end their poverty and struggles but that must not be so.

The major of our old leaders’ argument – the ones I have talked to – is that, because they relieved our great nation of Zambia from the strong arm of colonialism, they should be the rightful persons to lead this country untill they die. In fact they refer to themselves as being above the constitution of the land, above the law.
I sometimes weep because I do not think that the youths of today in Zambia have a place in the country’s politices and indeed a future. I do not also think that the current leaders of our land have us in their mind. No future for the youths, no life. We need to stand up for our own survival and that of our children. It is only the very few ones born with golden spoons in mouths, and those whose parents have happened to give them sound and quality education that have better dream, hope and a future.

I found a pro-founding statement – Education in Africa has very little or no value at all. Education becomes useless after you have worked so hard in school only to be lead or governed by a “dog seller”. When it comes to that time of facing the job market, – it is all about whom you know or family tree.

The absolute clinging to power by the old leaders in our nation have cause everything to go haywire. Corruption! Corruption!! Corruption! Youths it is now time to take over the running of the country’s affairs. Our fathers’ time is over. Zambia need fresh blood in politices and governance.

Thank you.


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