Our family is not of Satanists – Paglory ministries Pastor

Pastor Blessed Machuta of Kabwe’s Paglory ministries international has charged that his father is not a Satanist but a hardworking businessman who has been in business for over twenty years, Machuta has instead accused another Pentecostal pastor of being a Satanist and behind the spate of deaths and misfortunes that have rocked the Machuta family.

The Machutas who run Paglory college of Education have come under criticism in the small town after unexplained deaths of four people in their family of ten within a space of 14 months. Earlier a snake wrapped with beads and some money was found at the yard of one of Blessed’s sisters married to a senior cop. The lady who was a teacher suddenly died a month later.

Just last month, Victoria another sister to Blessed also died almost three months after his other brother Pius also mate a sudden death. There has also been a spate of unexplained deaths at the college where almost every year a student dies in unexplained circumstances.

But speaking under the theme ‘wisdom’ during a sponsored live radio programme dubbed Life issues on KNC radio, Blessed said the misfortunes in his family are being caused by a Pastor from Finger of God ministries because the named Pastor of Katondo has an ambition to wipe out the Machuta family and then take over Paglory ministries.

During the funeral of his sister Victoria, Blessed himself is said to have accosted his father and threatened to shoot him. Blessed’s biological mother is dead, and the family has faced systematic deaths of male followed by female. Out of ten children, six are now remaining.

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