Our kingdom has right to recruit soldiers – BNYL

30th November, 2012

BNYL – Press Release

The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland has every Right to recruit her military personnel in order to defend her Sovereignty in conformity with the international Law

We the Barotseland National Youth League wish to inform Mr. Sata, president of Zambia and his government, that The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland is and has been mandated by international law to recruit and have an army which must defend her sovereignty. Therefore, we are dismayed that Mr. Sata is not aware of that fact and development, even after he had been duly served with his copy of the letter which was written and addressed to his Excellency Mr. Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, in which the government in waiting of The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland informed the latter that the transitional process in The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland had commenced and was in progress.

This was done in accordance with the international law which deals with POSTLIMINIUM doctrine.

Moreover, there is no government in the whole world which can exist, operate or function without an army. Therefore the Barotse government in waiting has every right to recruit its army which shall protect the territory of The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland, and this is done within the confines of international law.

In addition every well trained soldier the world over knows that entering another country while wearing a foreign military uniform is illegal according to international law, and we expect that the Zambian soldiers are aware of such piece of international law even as they enter The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland, a country foreign to them.

Also we wish to offer timely advise and warn all Barotzish men and women serving in the Zambian military not to wear the Zambian uniform, because it will be very difficult if not impossible to identify them. Should they wear it they do so at their own risk and whatever shall happen to them, they will have themselves to blame.

We further wish to tell Mr. Sata that it is actually his government which are rebels and invaders because it seems they want to overthrow The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland government, which is legitimately put in place by the indigenous people of Barotseland who, thus far, over 6000 have already               endorsed the transitional constitution of The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland by way of written signatures to the United Nations.

We assure Mr. Sata and his government that their maneuvers will not help them in any way, because Zambia is illegally occupying The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland, and the least we expected from Mr. Sata and his government is to justify his country’s illegal occupation of Barotseland. As such Zambia has contravened the United Nations Security Council Resolution 276 (1970), but to date Mr. Sata and his government remain mute over allegations labeled against them, but instead Mr. Sata brings out irrelevant issues which are not even a factor to the issue at hand.
We wish to remind Mr. Sata that his government is in The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland illegally contrary to the UN security Council resolution 276 (1970).

Now we wish to ask Mr. Sata  who are the rebels, invaders or intruders between the Zambian government and The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland? Who is claiming the other’s territory, is it The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland or the Zambian government?

Mr. Sata should not pretend and deceive Zambians that he does not know what is going on in The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland because he has duly been served with the copies of the letter from The Royal Kingdom of Barotseland government in waiting which was written to the United Nations Secretary General His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki Moon informing his government and the whole world that the transitional process has begun.


Barotseland National Youth League:

  • Ikacana Muyunda – chairman-general
  • Boris Muziba Muziba – Deputy chairman-general
  • Masiyaleti Masiyaleti – Deputy Secretary-general
  • Brian Mubita – Deputy Vice secretary-general
  • Derrick Itwi – International relations/communications officer
  • Sikwibele Wasilota – National coordinator/Deputy international relations officer
  • Etambuyu Nyambe – Deputy National coordinator/communications officer
  • Nawa Luyanga – International relations secretary
  • Likando Likando – operations and mobilization officer
  • Jacob M. Mashwelo – finance controller
  • Mulonda Akatumwa – communications secretary
  • Nayoto Mwenda – Secretary General
  • Mulonda Akatumwa – Secretary Communications
  • Paul Aongola – committee member
  • Liywali Mukela – committee member
  • Mubiana Simasiku – committee member
  • Sibeso Katete – Trustee
  • Inonge Wakumelo – Trustee
  • Legal Advisor – (Name withheld)

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