‘Our leaders are inhuman’

Watchdog the mouth piece of the poor please post this for me..am a student at mulungushi university,and as you know the case right now our fees were unfaily hiked. imagine a supplentary test which were charged k50 per course is now k700 a repeat course which were charged k1300 is now k1850 and the full semester fees which we were charged k1300 is nw k1800 thats per semester all the total it goes even up to 20thosand..with this economy its even by the grace of God that we have been managing to pay fees more than 12thosand per semester but now we have been pushed its too much!people of God are the hikes normal sure! We are told its the council that hiked them that consist the minister,PS and the area parliament,are these leaders really normal sure? who comes up with this model of increasing fees for zambian young people that will use the degree for our mother land..we are about to start writing the exams and on top of that managment says we all pay in full,this is bad ad this is nt good its like these people want us to not get educated by all means..please mr president twapapata come to our needs right now.HH when you win please sort out the mulungushi university managment too much exploitation in our country,its too much enough is enough,right now as i am saying students are rioting and now the police are arresting everyone.!! We are being pushed to much!! Enough is enough we shall keep on rioting till things are done dialogue has failed we have tried as interectuals to talk but managment still insists,we wont also stop until our cry is head this is too much! ViVA MUSU VIVA chodozi!! VIVA ONE ZAMBIA

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