Our MP has never spoken in parliament

Our MP has never spoken in parliament


please hide my identity.
Am a concerned citizen and a constituent of Chimbamilonga of Nsama District. My complaint is particularly about the poor representation we have from our Member or Parliament Hastings Chansa Nsensembeka. This MP has never spoken in parliament and there is no development that he has brought to the constituency. Nsama District was created by the late Michael Sata (Mhsrp), but since then there’s literally nothing that we can really point to. I wonder whether it’s because of the sleeping Mp who is just in parliament for tea or it’s the neglect of the government as whole. It’s really unfortunate that Zambia celebrates independence when areas such as Nsumbu and Chimbamilonga in general do not even have a proper gravel road.

We understand the area Mp doesn’t even have a Grade 12 certificate except a diploma in Agriculture obtained from Matero institute of Forgery. He has never been to any institution of higher learning. I can give details of this fake Mp, but for now let me leave it for another day. My focal point in this article is to inform and alert the people of Zambia and the chimbamilonga constituents about what is about to happen. The contract for the District Commissioner Panji Chiringala expired some months ago and the office has since been vacant and gov’t is reluctant to renew his contract following his mischievous behavior. However, the Mp has recommended and submitted the name of a Grade 9 PF cadre for appointment. The name of this is Peter Mwando of Nsumbu and he is locally known as Shi Katai a dirty political failure and reject. This scruffy Shi Katai contested the seat of ward councilor three times and lost them all. This is I call this cadre a political reject and failure. Why should we have the top leadership of the district and the constituency in the hands of intellectually bankrupt individuals? This is why Zambia is stagnant in terms of development. We have wrong and unqualified reptoms of people in serious positions. Nsama district is not short qualified graduates. We must be moving with time as society and leader have become dynamic today. We need leaders that have the skills and that can hunt for meaningful development.


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