Our MP Raphael Muyanda is useless

Our MP Raphael Muyanda is useless

'Honourable' Raphael Muyanda

Dear Editor

Am not a regular writer to your paper but i read your paper religiously and i think you are more neutral than other public and private papers. I dont support or belong to any political party am neutral. These are my personal views as an electorate and one who has rights of expression.

Am sick and tired of the politicians trying to manipulate the wish of the people.

The reason we are still failing in African is that we haven’t learnt to respect the wish of the people. An MP can’t be one until he is voted into office and when the people say it’s time for him to go, it doesn’t matter who is the party president. I see that UPND have fallen into the same trend

The MMD puts a candidate against the wish of the people in Isoka , this also happens in Monze. UPND cadres are defecting to the MMD because they are not happy on he imposed candidate. This happens in Sinazongwe as well

It’s time for people to vote not on tribal or party lines but on whether an individual can deliver. The southern province has not developed at all. look at sinazongwe am surprised that Raphael Muyanda is still running for the area MP yet he has done nothing.

The Buchi farm-Gwembe valley development company is no more. My grand parents were one of the poor people who were kicked out of that area in order to develop a farm.  Now I go home it’s a sorry site, Raphael brings in Zambeef which is exploiting the people.

They are buying cattle at a very low prices , what can a poor sinazongwe villager do when he has no food and wants to take his child to school. He has no choice but to sell to these capitalist.

There is hardly good rainfall in the valley and there is always hunger and yet the people are a stone through to lake Kariba. There is a lot of fish and kapenta which if well organised can benefit the poor man as well. No one is thinking of tourism infrastructure that can be developed to bring revenue and create jobs for the local people in Sinazongwe.

You mean all these things Raphael can’t think about them or he is busy spending his time with his brewery in Lusaka.

People have to go on the plateau to grow maize, people have to beg for money etc what a shame.

With a lot of failures Raphael is still in the race what a shame. The chap is never in his constituency. He has failed to deal with the roads; from the time the bridges were washed away they haven’t been fixed.

The temporal bridges are pathetic you have to give each other turns to pass on the bridge and this is the road that leads to the largest  coal mine in Zambia. What benefit has Maamba colliers brought to the people in sinazongwe? nothing except to the few. The Maamba colliers has gone down from where it was , when i went  there I wept because I was greeted with poverty and poor infrastructure . The first signal that hits you are the pot holes and dust/gravel road just at the entrance of the town after the Maamba police road broke, the hospital is a sorry site, it’s pathetic.  What development has Raphael brought to Maamba? The   people of sinazongwe are now slaves they are being killed like rats in nkandabwe mine by the Chinese.

The sinazongwians are being slaughtered on their own soil. Shame. Where are the human rights-NGOs who are supposed to fight for the people if it’s not Raphael and the UPND he belongs.

What is shocking is that HH is not seeing all this and continues to put his friends against the wish of the people.

I would be delighted to see  this article published

Call me Sinazongwe

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