Our MP’s betrayal is the painful – Saboi

Our MP’s betrayal is the painful – Saboi

Saboi Imboela writes:
In my public life, I have learnt to keep the most painful emotions away from the public because the public is simply that- public… BUT this betrayal of our Roan MP is something I will let my emotions flow and say it as it is. The betrayal is painful and so unforgivable. People will say that these are just politics. But betrayal is betrayal and let’s not keep excusing foolish behavior in the name of politics. Many people suffered a lot over Roan. Both NDC and UPND risked their lives over that ingrate.

The entire PF cabinet and other government officials descended on Roan and unprecedented levels of money, food, etc was given to the electorate to bribe them.

We saw those people that openly insulted our president and the kind of cadres they transported all over Lusaka and the Copperbelt to Roan, so our lives were at risk at every given time in Roan. We were followed by unknown vehicles in the night and shot at. The govt simply never wanted to lose Roan and the actions that followed were there for all to see. Women from the party travelled from all over, slept 10 or 15 people in one room. Divas and all women forgot about hygiene and shared the same rooms and bathrooms, something women don’t easily do. Everyone would leave early in the morning walking door to door to campaign to the electorates to have that guy elected. He never had money or anything. The party members contributed the little they had. The president and Veep handled the biggest part of his budget and a few MCCs also contributed significantly…

These are things people go through in opposition politics and for a newer party like ours, those challenges were even bigger. So elections are won collectively because people really sacrifice their time, money and lives to have a person elected on their party ticket. The help of our Alliance partners, esp the UPND cannot even be quantified. Infact, it wasn’t even help but a joint effort, an Alliance victory….

No one knew Chishala in Roan, infact our president had to refuse the overwhelming demand from the people and party officials to have his own son replace him. But he said that would not be good and he settled for a nonentity that had no money, no name or political clout. Some people even think that he is the President’s nephew but the guy is not even related to the president… The saddest part is that we lost one of our key officials in Roan. We still moan Obed Kasongo for who he was in the party, what he did and how the police have had to deal with his case. Chishala’s betrayal is like killing Obed all over again. U have broken us Chishala, not at a political but personal level… You will enjoy the proceeds of your corruption with your family but remember that Obed’s children don’t have a father… We didn’t suffer and sacrifice for u for u to do what u did. So may u enjoy what u have made from this treacherous act….

U claim that your action was for the people of Roan. The people of Roan are very upset with what u have done. U didnt represent the party, the president and u certainly did not represent the people of Roan…. Using the NDC media, u have been posting all meetings and activities u do in Roan, NOT even one meeting was conducted over Bill 10, and your own Facebook page is there for all to see.

So u are in this alone- just u and your belly.. Like I have said, this is emotional and certainly personal because we lost a life over your elections and then u do this…

May your consciences deal with u, if u still have one that is.

NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili being franked by Roan MP Joseph Chishala (r) and party secretary general Bridget Atanga speaks to journalists at Lusaka Magistrate’s Court on September 30, 2019

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