‘Our salaries have disappeared from Zanaco’

Hey watchdog, I am just from ZANACO Obote branch and found 7 people can’t access their salaries as the bank statements indicate they have performed international money transfers in the last week that have dried their accounts leaving only the book balance.

The suspicious transaction indicates “18 ATM CASH WITHDRAWAL REMOTE ON US-INTL” on the bank statements of each of the victims including myself as I am also a victim. The values on this transaction are to two decimal places with digits up to the last value signifying an international or computer transaction as our ATMs in Zambia cannot dispense Ngwee’s and 100 kwachas.

I asked one of the Zanaco officers who advised that the account should be closed and that such investigations take about 45 days to investigate and if you lucky to win the refund won’t come with interest. I met 7 of them today the majority being civil servants with monthly bills and Bayport loans to pay and I wonder how they will last 45 days. PLEASE WATCHDOG SEND A  PRESS QUERRY AND PUBLISH THE RESPONSE SO THAT OTHER VICTIMS CAN COME OUT AND OTHERS BE ALERTED OFWHAT IS HAPPENING AT THESE BANKS.

I am currently compiling phone numbers for the victims in case we need to lodge a combined formal complaint with relevant institutions. I hope my request is not outside your Gods Given mandate as the fourth estate. My name and other details contained in this email  maybe withheld if you decide to publish the response or anything to this respect .

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