Our success will depend on being open – ECZ CEO

Our success will depend on being open – ECZ CEO

Our success as Electoral Commission of Zambia will rely on being open and bringing on board different stakeholders to ensure that we do the right thing and demystify the negative perception that surround the Commission, says Chief Electoral Officer Kryticous Patrick Nshindano.

In an interview, Mr. Nshindano said he was working hard to enhance Zambia’s electoral processes which are fundamental to Zambia’s development.
“Our success will rely on being open enough to be able to bring on board other stakeholders. We will identify gaps if any and fill them up in the runner up to 2021. Just mere aspect of confidence in an individual without dealing with the institutional gaps that may be there may not be able to change anything,” Mr. Nshindano who is also former Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) Executive Director, said.

He said the confidence Zambians have in him to improve the Commission is appreciated and that he does not take it for granted.

Mr. Nshindano said his team will ensure that the Commission does what is right in terms of fulfilling its constitutional mandate of conducting credible elections and ensure they all pick up on what their predecessors left.

Asked how he felt working for the Electoral Commission of Zambia, Mr. Nshindano said: “It is a different environment altogether first and foremost because you are coming from an environment where you are, for lack of a better term, criticising policies as it were but also providing alternatives…now you are the policy implementer. Therefore, from that angle, you are also trying to see how best you can implement and be open to criticism from those providing alternatives on how best we can improve electoral services which of course do not sit in isolation….


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