Our youths had planned to attack UPND rally- Sichalwe

The outgoing Patriotic Front (PF) has admitted that they planned to attack the UPND rally that was cancelled at the last minute by President Edgar Lungu through his police.
Immediate past Member of Parliament for Chawama who is also aspiring for re-election on the PF ticket Lawrence Sichalwe revealed that the PF planned to attack the UPND at their rally because they allegedly undressed a woman who was wearing a PF chitenge material.
Sichalwe said this when he featured on United Voice Radio on Tuesday morning as he joined the bandwagon of PF leaders justifying the shooting and killing of UPND members.
He said the police cancelled the rally because of the impending attack from PF youths but the UPND wanted to ‘go ahead’ with the rally.
‘One of our women putting on PF chitenge was undressed by the UPND so there was some tension in the constituency and our friends (UPND) wanted to have a rally the next day. Our youths (PF) said they were going to confront them at their rally that is why the police cancelled the rally but they wanted to go ahead,’ Sichalwe said.
On the day that Sichalwe is claiming that a PF woman was undressed, it was actually the PF that attacked a UPND command centre as they prepared for the rally that was planned for Friday and it had to take police to teargas the PF as they tried to overrun the UPND command centre at old Patuka.
Several UPND supporters were injured in Thursday’s attack as PF tried to create tension and prevent the rally from being held in Chawama the following day.

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