Out of fear, judges refuse to handle case involving acting Chief Justice

Several High Court Judges have refused to preside over the matter in which the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has sought court intervention to have embattled Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda removed as Acting Chief Justice.

A High Court Judge told the Zambian Watchdog that almost all Lusaka based High Court Judges have refused to preside over the matter.

The Judge says after Lusaka High Court Judge In-charge Jane Kabuka failed to find any willing Judge within Lusaka, she had sent the file to Livingstone but no one is willing in Livingstone to handle the matter.

The source said the file may be on its way to Ndola High Court and it is unlikely that it will be attended to.

“That is why no date has been set for hearing because no Judge is willing to handle the case it is not that easy” the source said.

Meanwhile lawyers representing the Acting Chief Justice have filed in an application asking the court to quash the LAZ application because it was wrongly filed a source has disclosed.

The respondent lawyers are saying LAZ was supposed to apply for a judicial review and not the route the association took but all that can only be argued once a date of hearing is set and the date of hearing can only be set when the file is allocated to a Judge but for now no judge is willing” another source said.

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