Outsourcing of Zamtel Techinical, Call center scam

Outsourcing of Zamtel Techinical, Call center scam

Good Afternoon Editor,

Zamtel has responded to a story carried by Saviour Chishimba on the outsourcing of their Retail outlets.
Them saying current employees will be maintained is a total LIE.
Zamtel began with outsourcing with the Technical department which birthed INFRATEL and given to Freelance Bwalya as MD, Please investigate if the people that where declared redundant are all in employment, The answer is NO, the union could not even negotiate for unionized workers as the union leader was equally declared redundant. After that zamtel turned some of the permanent employee into temps and would give them 3 to 6 months contracts. So who benefited from outsourcing Techinical and are you telling us that the services or money that infratel makes could not have been maintained by zamtel? To the powers that be, you need to look at how our money has been stolen through this scam by Zamtel MD, IDC MD and Freelance Bwalya.

From Technical the call center followed and a scam of empowerment together with PF government shadowed this outsourcing.
A company called Client Care Solutions was formed by a few hand picked call center stuff and given this contract which has not benefited any of them as they are naïve about business and have been scammed because this company is being used by Mupeta and company to steal money. Zamtel still pays rent for the buildings they occupy, the official opening of this scam was done by Ingonge Wina at pangea where zamtel would pay K100,000 rent per month, more than what the said company charges zamtel per month for their call center services. Employees that were permanent stuff were equally laid off, ALL call center agents salaries were reduced only a few girlfriends of and church mates(the current acting MD Zondiwe being one of them) of Pupzyanji Sichembe have benefited including himself as he was the consultant that handled the project. Can the powers that be look at how much Zamtels spends and if this call center outsource makes sense because Zamtel practically does everything they just don’t pay salaries. So where is the profit in that.

Coming to retail, the response zamtel has given is a lie. To the retail stuff you will all lose your Jobs or became temps just like the departments before, only relatives, church mates or girlfriends of those in management may remain. But once your contract ends it will not be renewed.
Can the new dawn government look into the outsourcing of zamtel departments and who the real beneficiaries are. Outsourcing of Zamtel departments has only contributed to the unemployment rate in the last 2 years.
If Lapgreen managed with all departments and were profitable why should zamtel take this path yet they have still failed to record any profit.

Techincal was given to Freelance Bwalya
Call Center to Pupuzyanji Sichembe
All the above are former Zamtel Managers and Friends to Sydney Mupeta.

Auditor General please look into this there is no smoke without fire.
In pictures below: VEEP official opening of Client care, Pupuzyanji Schimbe, Sydney Mupeta, Freelance Bwalya

I submit

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