Over 1,500 Mulungushi University students won’t write examinations

Over 1,500 Mulungushi University students won’t write examinations

Mulungushi on paymentsOver 1,500 Mulungushi University students whose sponsors have failed to meet the exhorbitant fees will not be able to write exams, according to a memo that has been written, with blessings of the PF government and higher education minister Michael Kaingu.

The memorandum dated 3rd November 2015 states that all students with unpaid bills must do so by 20th November failure to which they will not write their session exams but a Watchdog perusal into the bursar’s office reveals that most students have failed to meet the deadline due to harsh economic times in the country.

Mulungushi university, in spite of being a public university charges about K16,000 per semester and students there have no bursaries, to make matters worse management compressed the semester from five months to three months meaning each student has to pay about K48,000 per education calendar.

Last semester, it took UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his vice president Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM) to plead with management to allow students to write their exams but withhold their results, just so as to allow their sponsors look for money. This was when the UPND leaders passed through the university on their way to the Copperbelt but this time around management has stuck to the 100% payment for students to write exams.

Some students barred said that their parents were part of the casualties losing jobs on the Copperbelt and cannot immediately afford the fees. They complained that blocking them from sitting for their exams will spell doom for their families.

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