Over 300 casual workers to be laid off from UTH

Over 300 casual workers at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) will be laid off by 31st March 2016 after the PF government announced new legislation against casualisation.
Instead of engaging the workers on permanent basis the outgoing and broke PF government has decided to lay them off.
But UTH Public Relations Manager Mwenya Mulenga says the laying off of workers will strain operations because of the many gaps that will require people to fill in.
Mr Mulenga says that the UTH management is in consultation with the Ministry of health and the Ministry of labour in order to retain some workers.
He said casual workers are important at the health institution because they help in covering critical areas and they are just as important to the operations of the institution like other workers.
Mr Mulenga complained that laying off the workers will result in a shortage of man power at the institution and may lead to inefficiency at the country’s biggest health care provider.
“As a hospital we are always in need of extra hands to help out with the work around and if we start laying off workers it is going to affect our operations and may result in inefficiency,” he said.
Mr Mulenga says most casual workers at the institution are in charge of maintenance, cleaning, technical and other clinical matters and if they are laid off management and the entire institution will be affected.
He says the health institution is already understaffed despite having casual workers in both clinical and non-clinical staff and has since appealed to government to work out a favourable and permanent solution before a crisis breaks out at the health institution.

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