Over 300 PF cadres in Mufumbwe defect to MMD

Over 300 PF cadres in Mufumbwe defect to MMD

Register of PF members who moved to MMD

Over 300 PF supporters in Mufumbwe have defected to the MMD.

The defection of the 300 cadres follows the decision by PF campaign manager Jean Kapata and PF candidate Masumba to expel nine party officials.

The nine officials and their over 300 supporters have vowed to shame the PF by campaigning for the MMD candidate Stafford Mulusa.

And MMD camping manager Newton Samakayi said the nine PF officials and their hundreds of supporters have intergrated well in the MMD.

Samakayi said ‘the nation may wish to know that as MMD and UPND Campaign Team, we are confident that the tide is against PF.

‘The nine (9) officials together with their over three hundred (300) followers have integrated well in our programs with the quest to shame the PF hierarchy who they have accused have been misled by Masumba and his minions.’

But the MMD complains that the PF has continued buying votes.

‘It is very unfortunate for PF in this time and era to resort to vote buying instead of telling people about their policies and what they are going to do for the people of Mufumbwe,’ said Samakayi.

He revealed that ‘out of desperation, PF has started dishing out money to electorates openly. The PF is paying people K 5,000 each at every meeting in a bid to get votes from them.’

‘It is common knowledge that PF is best known for lies, as such; they are failing to address people on meetings but instead just dishing money and taking off’, he said.

And Samakayi said that the PF will not manage to cheat people that that it is the PF Government that has and is grading the Mushima-Kabanda-Shungulu road because they already know that it is the European Union funded project to enhance agriculture in the area.

He said ‘it is also another lie to claim that it is the PF Government that bought the ambulance for Mushima area. In fact the DEC and ACC should move in and investigate the acquisition of that ambulance. It was CDF that was used to buy that ambulance. However, that wreck of a second hand old Pajero vehicle cannot cost K 120 million as Masumba claims.’

He said the MMD and UPND Campaign Team is aware of rigging strategies that PF wants to employ and that the two parties have already developed capacity to thwart such antics.

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