Principled: 400 MMD members shun PF, defect to UPND

Despite offers of money and jobs from the PF, The entire MMD leadership and other members in Kaoma district have defected to the United Party for National Development (UPND).

Zanis reports that, Leading the defectors, Kaoma district Information and Publicity Secretary Joseph Kanyanga Kwanga said the all MMD members have decided to defect from the former ruling party because of the heavy fighting and uncoordinated party affairs.

Mr. Kwanga said about 70 per cent of the MMD officials from all wards in the three constituencies namely Luampa, Mangango and Kaoma central in the district have also defected to UPND.

He said the number of defectors from the MMD to the UPND is over 400.

He said MMD supporters complained that the party has lost direction and that they have decided to join Hakainde Hichilema’s UPND claiming that he was energetic and vibrant to contain the pressure from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Mr. Kwanga said the support that the former ruling party was enjoying in all the three constituencies in Kaoma district has been lost.

He has since encouraged other MMD supporters to defect to UPND saying the party was destined for extinction as it may not resurface in 2016.

Mr. Kwanga said the defection of the MMD officials to the other opposition party was not aiming at hijacking positions in the current UPND leadership in the district but to strengthen the party in Kaoma.

Among those who defected were district MMD chairlady Ednah Kalimbwe, vice publicity secretary Joseph Malulu, youth chairperson Calistus Mishengo, district treasurer Betty Ngunga, youth vice treasurer Namonda Chihili and losing independent candidate for Luampa constituency in the 2011 tripartite elections Bindundu Mutti.

And receiving the defectors yesterday, Kaoma district UPND chairman, Andrew Kakumbi said the defections were a clear indication that MMD was no longer popular in the district and Western province as a whole.

Mr. Kakumbi claimed that UPND was the only strong opposition party in the country that will defeat the ruling PF in 2016.

But Kaoma Patriotic Front (PF) district political secretary, Chingi Kavindama argued that his party was still enjoying massive support from all well meaning Zambians who want to experience development up to their doorsteps.

Mr. Kavindama said PF cannot be threatened by a pact of opposition political parties because it was already strong.

He said the PF will still be in power even after 2016 general elections adding that the party will rule for the next 25 to 30 years.

He said PF has laid a firm foundation in the country as President Michael Sata has created an enabling environment for investors to create jobs thereby putting more money in people’s pockets.

“MMD was in power for 20 years but failed to create more districts in the country in order to bring development closer to the people but in the shortest possible time of PF in government, a lot of new things are happening everywhere in the country,” he said.

Mr. Kavindama said the opposition political parties were bitter because President Sata is a man of action.He prayed that God gives Mr. Sata many more years so that meaningful development can trickle down to all people in the country.

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