Over ambitious Frank Bwalya asked USA to fund his ABZ Party

Disgraced former Priest Frank Bwalya used to frequent the US embassy asking for funding of his now defunct ABZ Party but was upset when told that America doesn’t fund opposition parties, this is the source of his anger and we challenge him to deny this.

But to educate Bwalya, who is being used by President Edgar Lungu here are some of the projects the United States government has implemented for Zambia through grants.


President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief(PEPFAR)

Through PEPFAR, Zambia has received over $153 million to support comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care programs. This has translated into

359,600 individuals receiving antiretroviral treatment, 721,900 HIV-positive individuals who received care and support (including TB/HIV).

194,300 orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) receiving support

545,500 pregnant women with known HIV status receiving services

54,400 HIV-positive pregnant women receiving antiretroviral prophylaxis for PMTCT

2,036,700 individuals receiving counseling and testing 15,229 estimated infant HIV infections averted


USAid Step-up program

The goal of the Strengthening Educational Performance – Up project is to integrate and strengthen systems for improved decision-making and promote equity as a central theme in policy development and education management reform. Through the project, Chemonics also aims to strengthen decentralization for improved learner performance while engaging Zambian institutions of higher education in Ministry of Education policy research and analysis.


Food Security Research Project (FSRP), Phase IIIFunding : $12,499,501 (k142,000,000)The Food Security Research Project focuses on sustainable agricultural policy reform. recently helping establish the Zambia Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI). FSRP has supported and built capacity with the Zambia Government to develop and implement the CAADP Compact to collect and analyze agricultural data and to convene stakeholders.

Commercial Agribusiness for Sustainable Horticulture (CASH) – Global Development AllianceLife of Project Funding: $4,800,000CASH works with over 5,000 smallholder horticulture producers and processers in Eastern and Lusaka provinces to increase productivity, income, and employment, while strengthening their ability to meet market standards and access market opportunities.

Zambia Agriculture Research and Development ProjectLife of Project Funding: $18,000,000The FTF Agriculture Research and Development works with international agricultural research centers to build the capacity of Zambia’s national agriculture research institutions, raise farm productivity, and promote adoption of improved crop varieties and low cost technologies for smallholders.

Better Life Alliance – Global Development AllianceLife of Project Funding: $6,626,605The Better Life Alliance is a public-private partnership that strengthens the link between smallholder farmers and agricultural markets while promoting agricultural diversity and conservation farming.

Production, Finance & Technology (PROFIT +)Life of Project Funding: $24,000,000PROFIT+ will achieve a 30% increase in productivity and income from selected value chains, benefit 200,000 smallholder farmers, and increase the value of agricultural sales by $125 million, in particular for value-added processing.

Mawa: Zambia Economic Resilience for Improved Food Security (ZERS)Life of Project Funding: $10,000,000The Zambia Economic Resilience for Food Security Program will build assets, improve nutrition practices, and increase economic opportunities for very poor households through an integrated approach linking vulnerable households to productive agricultural value chains and investing in community, district and provincial health systems.

Nyimba Forest Project (NFP)Life of Project Funding: $ 3,284,120.29This project is aimed at addressing that gap by empowering the local communities with the capacity to inventory their forest resources and monitor the impact of utilization and decision making on forest management, and building local institutional capacity at both district and village level to conduct forest inventories and monitoring for sustainable utilization and management of forests.

United States Forest Service Participating Agency AgreementLife of Project Funding: $1,300,000Partner: United States Forest ServiceThis activity is an interagency agreement to provide ongoing technical assistance to the Mission, its implementing partners, and the Government of Zambia.

Various Incentive-based Grant Opportunities and Rewards (VIGOR)Life of Project Funding: $500,000In support of the UN/REDD+ program, USAID will engage with local organizations to improve forest conservation, forest management, access to energy-saving technologies and promote sustainable alternative livelihoods to charcoal burning.

Direct Government to Government Support

Project Funding (approximately): $1,000,000. Partner: Government of Zambia: Forestry Department under the Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources, and Environmental Management, District and Provincial Forestry office in Eastern Province, and the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA)

The U.S. government is also providing $355 million in working with Lusaka Water and Sewerage to establish better drainage and increased access to clean drinking water in several compounds in Lusaka.

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