Overzealous Kambwili gives Chinese doctor 7 days to leave Zambia

Minister of Labour Chishimba Kambwili has threatened to terminate the work permit for a Chinese national who is a Chief Medical Officer at Sinozam Friendly Hospital in Kitwe for what Kambwili described as mistreating workers and exhibiting rude behavior  to the  minister.

Mr. Kambwili paid the hospital a surprise visit after he was tipped that the workers were being mistreated and were getting low salaries.

He has since given the Chinese medical practitioner, Dr. Xisheng Qin 7 days in which to leave the Country.

Mr. Kambwili said he was disturbed by the reports he has received from the hospital that workers were being mistreated and that Nurses were paid salaries as low as K700,000 per month.

He said the PF Government will not tolerate investors who mistreat workers at places of work.

But Sinozam Chief Medical Officer Dr. Xisheng Qin refuted reports that his hospital was mistreating workers and that nurses were getting K700,000 as salaries.

Dr. Qin said the Hospital has already engaged the union to review salaries for the workers and that some of the conditions were already being worked on.

He said if the Government had any problem with his management it should have sent people to come and verify some of the accusation leveled against the hospital management.

And Dr. Qin accused the Labour Minister of been rude to him when he visited his institution.

And speaking earlier at Kagem Mine the Minister directed management at the mine to quickly buy a scanner to screen the miners instead of poking their private parts to ascertain whether or not they were carrying any emeralds when they knock off.

Mr. Kambwili said he was disappointed with such an indecent arrangement where security officers were poking the miners in their private parts.

The Minster further directed the Kagem Mine management to increase the salaries for workers.

He also directed the mine management to reduce the number of expatriate workers in order to allow more Zambians get jobs.


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