Owner of the 48 flats identified

Owner of the 48 flats identified

Malcolm Chabala, currently working for Standard Chartered Bank located in Lusaka is the registered property owner of the 48 houses on property LUS/56561.

During the investigations Malcolm told the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) that the actual owner is Tasila Lungu. He gave the ACC copies of the agreement he has with Tasila Lungu.

It has since came to our attention that there is plan to link the plots to the late Willie Nsanda and auction them to a company registered in the Bahamas whose beneficial owner is Tasila Lungu.

Whathappened is that Chabala sold the plot to Tasila Lungu but they never changed ownership on the details.

Tasila Lungu and Chabala only signed a sales agreement without changing titles.

When Chabala was about to be arrested and summoned by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), he gave them the sales agreement between him and Tasila Lungu.

And immediately after Chabala confessed that the flats belong to Tasila, Director of intelligence ordered the lands PS to remove the and delete the Property number from the system

So the flats belong to Tasila Lungu but they are all afraid to investigate the matter linked to President Edgar Lungu.

Yeah. Kwasila tasila

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