OYV condemns Kambwili

9th October, 2014





The alleged hooligan and intimidatory behaviour exhibited by the Minister of Youth, Mr. Chishimba Kambwili at UNZA Radio is not only uncalled for but also not befitting for someone who is supposed to be honorable. It is shameful to say the least for a cabinet minister to lower the standards of leadership in such a manner.

As OYV, we thought that after spending more than three (3) years in government and as a cabinet minister one would have grasped some etiquette that go with certain positions and learn that they are above certain behaviours, unfortunately it isn’t so for some individuals.

Mr. Kambwili should be reminded that the era of intimidating other citizens let alone the media and journalists is long gone. Mr. Kambwili must own up and stop thinking he can fire the young media personnel or students working at UNZA Radio Station. These maneuvers to stifle media and press freedom including freedom of expression will not be condoned by the Zambians.

It is very clear that the current Minister of Youth and Sport has lamentably failed the young people of this great country.

Our advise to him is that instead of storming radio stations newsrooms and studios a situation that undermines the standards of the office he is holding, he may as well concentrate on stopping the escalating violence among the youth within his party especially that he is the national youth chairperson of the Patriotic Front (PF).

OYV is of the considered position that Mr. Kambwili has failed to inspire the youth within his party and the nation as a whole. Our appeal, which we have made over and over again, is that the Zambian youth should be given a sober minister if youth development and emancipation which should trickle down to the nation is to take place. 

Guess Nyirenda (Mr.)

Executive Director

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