OYV endorses calls for donors to suspend aid to Zambia

OYV endorses calls for donors to suspend aid to Zambia

It is quite clear that the good political and democratic governance outlook of Zambia has deteriorated as things are today. This is very perturbing especially that Zambia has been known as a peaceful and united country with love for one another and tranquility for all being focal virtues.

As an organization, Operation Young Vote (OYV) would like to endorse the calls for suspension/withdrawal of donor funds to the country to the extent that the irrational decisions by the State that contribute to and encourages imprudent spending of resources in the national treasury regardless of their source, and the decision to move HH and his co-accused from Lusaka Central Correctional Facility to Mukobeko Maximum Correction Facility in Kabwe is such a one. Why should donors continue to spend their tax payers’ on a government that has so much money to waste on moving HH and his Co-accused from Kabwe to Lusaka, under very heavy security (with heavy allowances) whenever there is a hearing on the matter? Why should donors give their money to our government for the “poor” when the State is making many more citizens like the wives and relatives to HH and others anxious about the whereabouts, healthy and safety of the loved ones including draining their little resources (making them poorer) as they have to travel a long distance to and fro Kabwe to visit them or attend court in the event that the case is transferred to Kabwe. Donor money is and must be given to institutions including states that rationally and prudently spend whatever resources they have.

OYV is of the conviction that it is illogical to crave and cry for donor funding for HIV and AIDS, Education or any other sector when what one has or collects domestically can be spent imprudently because of wanting to deal with one or so individuals. Further it must be put in very clear terms that donors do not fund bad governance or Human Rights violations and abuses, as among their conditions for aid is functioning good governance around political and democratic governance, economic governance and management, social economic development and corporate governance. Anything short of this is abuse and donors would not entertain such and where they may be unaware of such happenings, reminding them would not mean wanting the majority poor/vulnerable to suffer, instead it entails wanting or helping those charged with the responsibility of managing the state to be rational, prudent in their decisions and actions and ensure they account for how every Dollar/Kwacha is spent regardless of its mode of collection.

As OYV we are therefore throwing our weight on the different sections of our society calling on the donor community to suspend/withdraw aid to Zambia based on the rationale provided in this statement.

Guess Nyirenda (Mr.)

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