PF Government fires over 150 Youths in Western Province


Over one hundred and fifty youths have lost their jobs in Western Province after the Zambian government decided to reverse their appointments, according to Muvi TV.

Those who are out of employment are among the 208 government workers that were employed in 2013 to serve in the Michael Sata newly created districts but were not put on government payroll due to over-employment.

Sources say out of the 208 only 26 have been retained with the 182 joining the many unemployed Zambian youths.

Zambia Congress of Trade Union-ZCTU representative, Trust Chingala has described the development as unfortunate especially that it is government taking a lead in putting youth on the streets.

Zambia’s Michael Sata led Patriotic Front government has on several occasions said that the creation of many new districts in Barotseland was their way of addressing the ‘unhonored’ Barotseland Agreement of 1964 as the move would facilitate the delivery of services and development closer to the people of Barotseland while employing many youths.



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