Pacra legalising online fraud

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Following the online scam by Go Like, E Tesco and Emillion where thousands of Zambians lost there monies, it is disheartening for ZICTA and PACRA to disassociate themselves from the scam.
These scammers, especially Go Like which I know very well, were we’re registered with these companies of authorization and are 100% aware of the people who physically went or called to have there company registered.
So how can they claim that they don’t know about scheme?
This doesn’t concern the people who have lost money to these online business platforms but more seriously, it concerns the security of this country. ZICTA and PACRA now are a liability to the Zambian security because they can easily register a company that begins to hack citizens physically but deny it faithfully.
So those running ZICTA AND PACRA MUST RESIGN ON MORAL GROUNDS, otherwise a logical person like me believe this scam is a government engineered scam.
The government of the PF also is a failed regime bcoz where it’s a single person who has been scammed as long as it involves government institutions, it was supposed to symphathize with the many Zambians and launch investigations, it calls for Seer 1 to console the people of Zambia. Do we really have a caring government, scamming you Zambians? Please PF and with your surrogate PACRA AND ZICTA find these people and bring them to book and retrieve the money.
The people invested not because they were foolish but because of poverty which you have landed them in and the business was legit because they were registered under your care.

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