Page publishing false news pulled out

Page publishing false news pulled out

A page called ‘KOSWE’ has been shut down by Facebook for publishing lies and linking innocent people to terrorist activities.

During the sad attacks in Sri Lanka a few weeks ago, the Telegraph newspaper of UK published a detailed report on how the attacks were planned and executed. In that report, the Telegraph reported in one sentence that one of the suspects had hinted to his family that he would be traveling to Zambia. KOSWE owners picked that report, distorted it by inserted dangerous lies about certain individuals and hotels in Zambia as being linked to the crimes. Within minutes, KOSWE was deleted by Facebook.

Then drama began. KOSWE owners, using other pages they run authored more lies that their page has been deleted for publishing sensitive information about the Zambian regime.

On the other hand,
The Zambia Information & Communications Authority (ZICTA) , PF officials and senior state house officials started making their own claims with a view to claim credit. PF officials wrote blatant lies that four administrators of KOSWE based in Solwezi have been arrested and listed some concocted names. ZICTA and the so called crack squad claimed credit for the deletion of the useless page. It is not true. None of the three well known administrators of KOSWE has been arrested.
The problem here is that, PF officials are busy collecting money from State House and other PF wallets claiming that they have managed to destroy Facebook pages they don’t like.

There are only two ways a Facebook page can disappear:
1. The one who created it or admin can close it
2. Facebook itself can pull it out if that page contravenes Facebook policies.

The latter is what happened in the case of KOSWE. It was not the work of any person or entity in Zambia. So if you are one of those people releasing money to people cheating you that they are able to delete Facebook pages, you have been swindled, again.

By the way even hacking website or pages is a waste of time and money. It can work for a few hours or days but owner can always restore it fully.

We just thought you should know.

ZICTA has no capacity to close a Facebook page, otherwise they would have closed all independent news pages by now.

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