Paid PF women to sue HH over sex remark carried by the Post newspaper

Patriotic Front (PF) women in Kafue district have been paraded and ordered to continue making noise over UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s statement in which he was labeled by the Post newspaper of having allegedly urged opposition single women to deny their Patriotic Front boyfriends sex in protest against what he termed as poor leadership by government.

The women who matched without a police permit were led by Kafue District PF Women Chairlady, Gladys Mapulanga who condemned Mr. Hichilema for allegedly using unpalatable language about Zambian women.

The women who did not say where they were when PF president Michael Sata ordered police to detain and humiliated MMD women in the same cell for two days, have since said they intend to sue Mr. Hichilema.

Mrs. Mapulanga has since appealed to single women in Zambia, nongovernmental organisations, the church, political parties and all patriotic citizens to condemn Mr. Hichilema’s statement.

She said Mr. Hichilema should go into a political retreat so that he could learn what language to use when talking about women.

She said this when she presented a petition against Mr. Hichilema to Kafue District Commissioner Grace Ngulube.

And Mrs. Ngulube thanked the PF women in Kafue for promoting the dignity of women in Zambia.

She pledged to support the women in ensuring that politicians uphold respect for female citizens in the country.

She also condemned Mr. Hichilema saying the latter had no respect for women hence the need to tell him to stop insulting them.

After presenting their petition to the District Commissioner, the women marched to the Kafue Magistrate court to officially submit their complaint so that legal proceedings can begin.

But Clerk of Court Erick Munango advised the PF women to lodge their complaint in the High Court because the case was outside the jurisdiction of the magistrate court.

He referred to part two of the subordinate court Act section four, CAP 28 of the laws of Zambia, which states that such cases could only be handled by the magistrate court if the offence was committed within the district, in this case Kafue.

The clerk just stopped short of saying what they are giving his is rubbish.

Being PF illiterate women, the do not know whether they are filing a complaint for a criminal case in which they should have gone to the police or seeking compensation for defamation in which they case the petitioner will have to be mentioned by name.

The PF women have since resolved to file their claim in the High Court of Zambia.


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    gradys mapulanga you seems to be beach stupit ,chair lady of kafue foolish,we mbwawe.if satana is your secret man fried,get lost idiot.

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    Samuel 5 years


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    Stupid women indeed, so those foolish women were obviously corrupted by corrupt pf to make noise against our wise HH.

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    Musonda 5 years

    Did u read that statement carefully or you just jumped to your own conclusion to suit your agenda. No wonder.

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    Zozifunila paku vota 5 years

    Zambian women are funny creatures who don’t think. They only react when someone from a tribe they don’t like says something they don’t desire. Some years ago, when H.E. Levy P. Mwanawasa, SC, (MHSRIP)was president of Zambia,then opposition leader Michael Sata used unpalatable language against Mrs Maureen Mwanawasa as First Lady. The so called women of Zambia didn’t react. Only Lenje Chiefs reacted. What Sata said about Maureen was a direct insult not only to Maureen but all women in Zambia. That should have prompted the women of all colours, shapes, sizes and professions to react, but alas! they didn’t. Sata showed total disrespect for the First Lady in particular and women in general. But when HH likened Sakwiba Sikota to a woman all women led by those in “feminine” organisations like Women’s Loby, etc stupidly rose up in arms and demanded an apology.
    Zambian women, please act like mature people and realise HH is a senior politician who could not say what he said from without. there was a purpose.
    What will you do when SATA in his usually sarcastic language urges PF women to deny UPND men sex? Where is Libongani’s or indeed Solomon Jere’s professionalism? Will you only wake up to arrest opposition members even when they are not wrong just to appease you pay masters? SHAME ON YOU ZAMBIAN WOMEN, SHAME ON YOU ZAMBIAN POLICE SERVICE LED BY A WOMAN WHO ALSO WEARS A SKIRT!