Pale Katema complains about ZWD in New York

Pale Katema complains about ZWD in New York

Katema seriously needs to reast

Katema seriously needs to reast

Senior government officials have continued running around like the headless chickens they are complaining about the Watchdog.

Yesterday, ailing dictator Michael Sata posted on his now stagnant Facebook page some utterances against online media. Earlier in the morning, that dirty man Fackson Shamenda said something about ‘criminals’ hiding behind cyber space with political motives or whatever.

Today, pale minister of Information Joseph Katema dedicated a whole morning in New York to talk about the Watchdog. And of all places, at the UN building .

This is the sort of people running Zambia today. A minister goes to New York and instead of working starts talking about a news website, meantime he is paid for all the time he is wasting.

But like the pale, little fool he is, Katame acknowledged that the Internet has improved the delivery of information and citizen journalism.

But like the pale, little fool he is, Katema said said online journalism is disseminating hate messages and will stir tribal conflict.

Katema whom failed to manage the ministry of health as he was always sick, claimed that this kind of journalism has given rise to defamation of innocent citizens who cannot defend themselves, as the sensational stories are often not checked for accuracy.

He said nothing about the lies, propaganda and defamation carried by the Post, Times and ZNBC because it benefits him and his type.

Katema said some online publishers hide behind anonymity, and remain a secret society without a thread of journalism principles. He said nothing about democratic principle in PF.

He said that the Zambian government, as a protector of its citizens rights and wellbeing, is concerned as the mudslinging, insulting and defamation is definitely not in any way a semblance of elite journalism.

Actually it the citizens who pass the comments on the news website. So we are wondering which citizens the pale little fool is referring to

The Watchdog practices guerrilla journalism tailored for dictators and their supporters. We are actually very happy that we are achieving our objective. We are further humbled by the amount of attention we are getting from government. If the whole press Freedom day can be dedicated to talking about our work, then surely we deserve some medals.

There will be no giving up.

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