Panadol for women in labour

Good evening zwd. Kindly share this on your platform and hide my identity. I have been trying to ignore this but i feel the truth must come out so that this kind of mediocrity may not repeat itself. Last week i had an opportunity of nursing my sister inlaw who had an operation called a ceaserean section. I am so grateful for the wonderful service we recieved as both the mother and her baby are now ok and i believe that even the other women who went through the same torture are also doing fine by now. Now here comes the evil part, my patient was taken to the ward from theatre around 14:40 hours and from that time until the following day, she was only given panadol as the pain killer and She cried the whole night complaining of pain. We talked to the kind lady nurse who was on duty but she said the hospital had completely no painkillers and it was beyond her control as well. All she could do was to reassure us that my patient was going to be fine. This was not just my patient but also 3 more patients who had the same operation the same day. Am not a medical personnel but honestly mwebantu is it right to be given panadol after such a big operation as the only painkiller? Should women be subjected to such harsh treatment for bringing life on earth? Instead of mothers enjoying their time with their babies, they were also crying and grieving in pain. If things can get to this level, how much more is not available in these hospitals? It is my sincere and humble plea to the management of chipata level 1 hospital and any other relevant authorities to look into this matter seriously. I would like to sicerely apologize to the named hospital for taking such an issue on the media otherwise am so grateful for the great service we received. Am out.

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