Panicking PF now buying support in Lusaka

Panicking PF has intensified buying support in Lusaka to boost its ever-dwindling presence.

Today, Saturday April 12, Tourism minister Jean Kapata and president Sata Corrupt Son Mulenga were in Mandevu where they claimed they received 1200 people who have defected from UPND and MMD respectively.

The truth is that the people who were paraded are already PF members who have been promised money to remain in the party.

Under the Supervision of ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott, a scheme to pay PF supporters so that they can remain in the party is underway.

The ruling party has received a report that they have lost ground to the opposition UPND in Lusaka.

A scheme ha therefore been hatched to pay PF officials and try to buy back those who have left in disappointment.

According to information from inside PF structures, each PF ward has been instructed to reorganize into two groups consisting of women and youths.

Each group will be given K85 000. This means that each ward with the supervision of Scott will receive K170.000.

For example, in Mandevu where the first group received the money today through Kapata and Mulenga Sata, there are seven wards. Each ward received K170, 000.

Lusaka district has 33 wards ands each will receive K170.000.  In the next few days, a repeat of what happened in Mandevu will be replicated in al the consistencies. PF cadres will be paraded and presented as defectors from MMD and UPND.

Who would mind pretending to be from MMD when their pockets have been loaded with cash?

But a PF official has told the Watchdog that they will get the money but continue helping the opposition grow.

The official said it is too late for the PF to try and buy loyalty now.

‘They think we are foolish. We know they just want votes for 2016. Like here in Mandevu, PF is dead. So they bring money but we know what to with it,’ said a PF leader.

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