Panji Kaunda launches tribal project

Panji Kaunda launches tribal project

With funding from State House, Panji Kaunda has launched a tribal project aimed at telling the people of Eastern province to vote for Edgar Lungu because he purportedly hails from that region.

Panji is the chairman of the recently lunched wing of the PF called ‘Kum’mawa for Edgar Lungu 2016’ (Eastern province for Lungu).

According to insiders, the core aim and message of the project is that people of Eastern province must vote for ‘their own’ (wako ni wako). This is the message being spread in Eastern province villages by Panji and his group.

Panji is one of the sons of first president Kenneth Kaunda who is admired for having united Zambia under the motto one Zambia one nation. Shockingly, his son is doing the opposite by promoting tribal hatred and trying to paint Eastern province as a different place that should only vote for people with names such as ‘Lungu’.

Panji has aways been the weakest and most useless of KK’s children. Until 2011, he was being kept by his father though he was in his sixties.

We miss Wezi Kunda. How can two boys born from the same parents be so different, one an imbecile the other a national hero?Panji-Kaunda-leading-Deputy-Ministers-to-greet-the-crowd

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