Panji Kaunda tells off PF’ Sunday Chanda

Panji Kaunda tells off PF’ Sunday Chanda

By Patson Chilemba

Sunday Chanda and his employers are a bunch of small little idiots running around midnight chasing their own shadows, ruling PF member Colonel Panji Kaunda has charged.

And Col Panji said he is not married to the petticoats and underpants of PF for them to dictate to him what he should and should not do.

Sounding incensed after being accused by ruling PF media director Chanda, that he, together with Lameck Mangani, a former diplomat (in apparent reference to Ambassador George Zulu) and a ‘certain self-styled wannabe media guru based in Lusaka’, among others, were working with UPND to scheme against President Edgar Lungu, by targeting people like his daughter Tasila, Col Panji told Daily Revelation that Chanda and his masters should not blame others on matters that were of their own making.

Col Panji said Eastern Province was not a stronghold of any party as what the people were more concerned about there was service delivery, adding that they could not be enslaved to a political party when there was no food on their tables.

“The issues we have raised through you ‘the wannabe media guru’ are issues on the ground. In Sinda the Forest (gazetted Forest Number 70 popularly known as Chimutengo) has been fenced off. Issues about the Beit Stadium involving Housing and Infrastructure minister Vincent Mwale are there. The issues of road contracts by the Ministry of Local Government are there,” Col Panji said. “These are issues on the ground and it’s the duty of any citizen to report any corrupt activities to the investigative wings.”

Col Panji said he felt sorry for President Lungu if what Chanda was alleging against him was the level of investigative intelligence they had in the PF.

He dismissed Chanda’s assertions as total lies, saying the last time he remembered meeting Mangani was four years ago, adding that he did not even know the other Eastern Province PF officials Chanda alleged he was working with.

Col Panji said Chanda and his masters should simply own up that that they had failed the people of Zambia.

“Mr Chanda and his employers are a bunch of small little idiots running around midnight chasing their own shadows…let them state where I met Lameck Mangani. And those who monitor our calls let them go to ZICTA and check. It is not any person destabilizing the party, it’s the activities of our party,” Col Panji said. “It’s not me who has increased fuel price, price of mealie meal, prices of bus fares from Lusaka to Chipata and increased load shedding. They should not blame individuals for their own shortcoming.”

Col Panji said the PF promised in their own manifesto to heal the ills created by their predecessors in MMD, but when one critically looked at the party’s actions, they had adopted the same corrupt practices of the MMD era. He said he was not bitter for anything as he lived in relative comfort without needing the help of anyone to survive.

“In the preamble we promised the people of Zambia that we will enact a Constitution that will stand the test of time, but up to date we are still tinkering with the Constitution. We promised jobs to the youths and to lower taxes, but have we done that? So how do you blame individuals for your own shortcomings?” Col Panji wondered. “We have failed to deliver to the people of Zambia and are now looking to apportion blame.”

He dismissed assertions that he was campaigning for the opposition UPND, however, highlighting that there was nothing stopping him from campaigning for any individual he felt could run the country properly if he decided so.

“It’s rubbish to assert that I am campaigning for HH. (But) if I am going to campaign for HH it is out of principle. I don’t know his manifesto. I am not married to the petticoats and underpants of PF,” Col Panji said. “If they are trying to kill us, let them kill us the same way the previous government killed our brother. I have been through that before. These little men should not intimidate us into submission. They are our employees, we employ them giving them free fuel, maids, allowances and we expect them to run matters properly.”

Col Panji charged that this was the same Chanda who was sympathetic to the late Chanda Chiimba when he was running false documentaries against then opposition leader Michael Sata on ZNBC tv and through his defunct Stand UP for Zambia publication.

“And as for George Zulu, he is my friend of 40 years. If I die first he will be my fore-bearer and if he dies first I will be his fire-bearer,” said Col Panji.

Chanda yesterday alleged that Col Panji was reportedly working with a former diplomat, Mangani and a ‘certain self-styled wanna-be media guru based in Lusaka’ among others, stir up anti-Edgar Lungu and PF government sentiment in order to negatively influence Easterners in this regard.

Chanda stated that the alleged schemers were targeting among others President Lungu’s daughter and councillor Tasila, and that thereafter, they planned to launch attacks against First Lady Ester Lungu.
Col Panji has reported Tasila to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for allegedly fencing gazetted Forest Number 70 in Sinda, as well as housing and Infrastructure minister Vincent Mwale over the bidding for the Beit Stadium in Chipata, in which he found himself as the only bidder when he served as Local Government minister. Col Panji has also reported the Ministry of Local Government for shortlisting companies for road works in Eastern Province, including the ones belonging to government Chief Whip Brian Mundulu and Eastern Province PF chairperson Zindula Lubusha, among others without allegedly following proper tender procedures. Daily Revelation has reported extensively on these matters.

Chanda alleged that the group had also recruited another Councillor from Chipangali called Shumba, as their main objective was to fight President Lungu in Eastern Province as they attempted to divide the PF in its strongholds.
“We are aware that the mission in Eastern Province is reportedly being spearheaded by a named former Diplomat, a self-styled wannabe media guru and col Panji Kaunda. We wish to send a very clear and stern warning to all elements working against the President and interests of the party that we are ready to meet them. We are aware of every step they plan to take in Eastern province,” stated Chanda. “They must man up and come out in the open or they will regret their shenanigans and mischievous adventures in Eastern Province.”

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