Panji Launches PPF, promises PF victory

Panji Kaunda has launched what he calls ‘People’s Pact Forum (PPF) in Livingstone Saturday.
Panji, who was recently expelled from the UPND, has announced that the only way to change government this year is through the Patriotic Front which he is supporting.
Panji Kaunda also boasted at the launch of the PPF that the UPND has lost a ‘great leader ‘in him.
Panji, who is the interim chairman of the PPF, charged that his expulsion from the UPND has not made any impact in his life.
He told journalists in Livingstone that his expulsion from the UPND has not affected his political career in anyway but instead it has made him stronger.
Panji claimed that he is not sleeking employment from the PF but that he was just helping Michael Sata to win this year’s elections. He said Sata is the most popular candidate this year.
He said that he has decided to support the PF because the party has become stronger than before adding that it has a lot of support from many Zambians.
On the revelations by vice president George Kunda that he is bankrupt, Panji charged that the statement was just a political stunt.
He said that Kunda was just trying to sway people’s minds by dragging his name in MMD’s campaign agenda.
The launch of the PPF was attended by a handful number of Livingstone residents.
Panji told the small gathering that the only way for a possible change of government was through the PF.
Panji said that people should not be cheated by MMD’s promises of development because they have failed to do so for the past 20 years they have been in power.

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