Panos condemns PF for trying to ban social media

Panos condemns PF for trying to ban social media

The Panos Institute of Southern Africa has condemned the PF regime and its Minister of Communications Brian Mushimba for initiating the process to ban social media especially Facebook.

Mushimba, a porn addict, announced during the week that the PF regime will soon emulate China and Ethiopia to ban social media. He said the PF regime has already drafted legislation which will be used to ban social media.

But this has alarmed Panos.

‘Panos views this threat as an affront to the country’s democracy and development. It is our considered view as an organisation that any restriction on social media would amount to infringement of Zambian citizens’ right to freedom of expression. It will limit the participation of Zambians in the global village, and curtail the growth of ICT based businesses,’ said Panos director Lilian Keifer.

She said there was no doubt that social media platforms are an important alternative source of information for the citizens.

‘We have also seen many cases where citizens have meaningfully engaged with government through social media,’ she said

Panos appealed to Mushimba, and the PF regime at large, not to take the route of banning social media sites like Facebook, ‘Instead, the government needs to work with other stakeholders to support Zambians to use social media for communication that shapes the country’s development’.
‘We also advise the government to find alternative ways of curbing fake news without restricting social media or infringing on citizens’ rights,’ Panos

There is a lot of fake news generated by government agents and supporters and most of it is published and aired in and on government controlled and funded media like ZNBC, Times of Zambia and Daily Mail plus social media run by PF thugs.

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