Parallel FODEP disowns director Chipenzi

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has distanced itself from  its suspended FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi statement alleging that First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda’s son Panji Kaunda was bankrupt.

FODEP National Secretary Nalukui Milapo says Mr. Chipenzi does not qualify to issue any statement as he was suspended by FODEP.

Ms. Milapo told ZANIS in a walk in interview in Lusaka today that the media should not utilise any statements issued by Mr. Chipenzi wherever he refers to himself as FODEP Executive Director to avoid litigation.

She further pointed out that the statement that was issued by Mr. Chipenzi has since seen FODEP being sued by Colonel Kaunda.

Ms. Milapo added that Mr. Chipenzi’s statements being issued were done without FODEP’s consent at all levels.

On Friday, another statement by FODEP was issued to the effect that Alex Ngoma has been expelled as FODEP president for stealing ballot papers in Durban and undermining the organisation.

A check by Watchdog found Chipenzi working in his office at FODEP head-office in Lusaka


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