Parallel OP structure revelation causes panic as Sakeni tries to refute existence

Revelations by the Watchdog that ailing dictator Michael Sata has created a parallel intelligence led by his personal friend Xavier Chungu has created division, distrust and suspicions within the system.

A former spy himself under Chungu but now minister of information Kennedy Sakeni has been forced by Chungu to issue a statement denying the existence of the structure.

But spies Chungu and Sakeni know very well that OP agents are not stupid and since information is their speciality, they know the truth. Sata has created a parallel structure composed of PF thugs led by Chungu to rig elections, harass  (and possibly kill) PF opponents, suppress the media with specific instructions to destroy this news website.

A secret Internet Service Provider managed by Chungu designed to monitor almost everything has since been created. Details will be provided later on this one.

Chungu, who before Fredrick Chiluba became president was working as a junior intelligence officer on the Copperblelt, was taken to Chiluba by Michael Sata with recommendation that he should be made chief of spies.

But Chungu became more than that. He coordinated Chuluba’s plunder. Chungu later fled the country.

Now Sata has brought him back through the back door. But this has angered professional intelligence officials who feel side lined as most major works are handled by the PF intelligence not government intelligence.

Following the agitation, PF regime spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni was Monday evening made to issue a statement denying the existence of the Chungu led spy team.

Sakeni said such media reports are being spread by people who are enemies of the PF government.

Sakeni claimed that it is not possible for the PF government to run an institution.

He said that there are capable and qualified men and women in the country’s security agencies to handle all matters pertaining to the intelligence of the country and that there can not be a need that would require President Michael Sata to create a parallel intelligence structure in his office.

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