Paramilitary police to be sent to Barotseland as Litunga refuses to meet senior cops

Paramilitary police to be sent to Barotseland as Litunga refuses to meet senior cops

The Zambia police is planning to send hundreds of the dreaded paramilitary police officers to Western province for some unknown reason.

And the Litunga has refused to meet high ranking police commanders who went to his palace to offer him ‘protection’.

Meanwhile, the police have explained that the PF government is not planning to dethrone the Litunga  and replace him with a PF cadre.

On November 19, 2011, Inspector General of Police Martin Malama sent Malcom Mulenga, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of operations to go and meet the Litunga.

But the Litunga snubbed Mulenga and his entourage. Even though they went to his palace, they didn’t meet the Litunga or any of his Indunas.

They were forced to leave a speech they had prepared at the gate.

According to the speech which Mulenga was supposed to read to the Litunga, the main puporse of the visit was to offer the Litunga protection and to inform him that police officers will be sent to the province.

‘Your majesty, our main concern is this rumour by some disgruntled groupings being circulated that the PF government is working on modalities to unseat and replace you with a PF inclined Lintunga”, said part of the speech signed by Mulenga.

“According to us Zambia Police service, these rumours are very sensitive and cannot go unencountered for they have the potential to ignite and strengthen division in the province and country at large.

‘These rumours can be considered as a grape vine because the government has no such ill intentions especially that the current Litunga is considered to be an integral part of our national development.

“As of now, there is no need for you to despair. We have set the foot down. All those who would be found wanting will be brought to book,’ read the speech.

Mulenga’ speech further said:

“The high command is also considering bringing a full platoon from mobile unit which will be stationed within Limulunga. You may personally allocate or choose a place where these officers will camp.”

The police also tried to explain why soldiers were deployed inBarotselandon the eve of Heroes day’

Said Mulenga in his speech: “one thing I wish to bring to your or maybe which requires clarification is the unprecedented presence of the military personnel prior to the 13th November, 2011 which could have raised concern among some other people.

“Your majesty, this was merely meant for the commemoration of the heroes’ day done by all Commonwealth countries in remembrance of all those who died during the first and second world wars.’

But a senior member of the people fighting for the separation of Barotslennd has told the Watchdog that the people of Barotseland are suspicious of the police.

Referring to the police officers led by Mulenga, a member of the Linyungandmbo said the information gathered shows that the Litunga did not invite them; but they came to deceive the Litunga that he required to be protected by the mobile police from Kamfinsa. Why the Litunga was to be protected is within the confines of the police.

“The Barotse people are smelling a rat; there is even an intention to send platoons of mobile Police to be stationed at Limulunga or  Mongu.

These are the ones who killed people on 14thjanuary 2011 and before they killed people; they had been sent in advance.

The security officers manufactured lies to give to the Litunga before 14th January 2011, they have now come up with the same scheme. So the people of Barotseland should expect more killings considering that the Barotse have realised that the relationship ofZambia withBarotseland has been severed by abrogation of the Agreement of 1964.”

He said that the people ofBarotselandhave not failed to protect their Litunga.

“The Police will in turn implicate the Litunga and say he called them. What is at stake isBarotseland’s status now.

“The Police are the arch enemy No 1 of Barotsealand currently, we appeal to international community to consider the Plight of the Barotse.

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