Pardoned criminals incorporated into PF militia

Pardoned criminals incorporated into PF militia


Released prisoners led by James Mabuluku thanking their god Sata

A senior PF official has revealed that all the criminal that president Michael Sata has pardoned from the time be became president are being incorporated into the PF militia.

The militia which is disguised as the youth league and election monitoring team  has been set specifically to ‘identify and sort out’ people with opinions different from Sata.

The militia is headquartered  in Matero under the chairmanship of PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba and Geoffrey Chuumbwe as vice while Commerce deputy minister Miles Sampa is in charge of logistics and finance with pradoned convict and Sata’s personal thug Judge Ngoma as mobilising secretary. Ngoma is deputised by Mandevu MP Jean Kapata and another convicted thug Opper Hamiyanze. Another person who sings Tonga music and going by the name of Edify Hamukale has joined the organising committee.

The idea to have a militia was conceived prior to the 2011 elections so as to cause havoc should Sata lose elections, youths were trained and installed in polling stations as parallel voter tabulation (PVT) monitors.

The plan was further to forcibly release criminals from  jails and make them join the rioting that would have followed had Sata lost the elections.

After winning the elections the group was dormant but now that there are protests and strikes anticipated countrywide, it has restrategised with specific instructions to ‘identify and sort out critics’, among the targeted are journalists from independent media houses and civil society organisations. On the wanted list of reporters are scribes from the Watchdog, Muvi TV, Daily Nation, Daily Mail and some from Post and ZNBC.

The hundreds of criminal that Sata has released will be made to do the actual dead jobs of beating people.

“These are desperate people who have been in jail for years and to them, any chance of being out of jail is welcome,’ said a PF source who expressed fear that the country is being prepared for bloodshed.

“These guys (pardoned criminals) have no source of income, have no where to start from and most are not welcome in their families and others have no families at all so they are wholly dependent on the government for whatever they can tell them to do,’ the senior PF official said. He said the ex-prisoners are told that if they fail to carry out their new ‘jobs’ they would be sent back to prison but are promised money and employment in government if they carry out the assignment well.

According to the same source, the convicts are not released anyhow but selected on capacity to carry out the milli a work and capacity to adhere to the PF terrorism.

‘What you must understand is that even those who were on death roll but put on life sentence are part of the plan. These have been told that they will remain in prison for now but will be taken out once in while for operations when there is a job to be done’, explained the source.

It is interesting that in 2007, this same group of criminals Sata has released pleaded to no avail with Levy Mwanawasa to free them. See here 

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