Pardoning murderers hurt victims’ family

Pardoning murderers hurt victims’ family

Dear Edgar Chagwa Lungu,

So this is your farewell to our family a bitter and hurtful farewell as you vacate the Zambian Presidential Office. Today I woke up yet to that painful day of September 11th, 2010. When our first-born big sister was murdered in cold blood by her beloved husband David Chitika Chansa. To make matters worse we just lost Dad barely a month. He could be turning in his grave to such unfair pardoning. But just know that there’s a God who is a father to the fatherless he will fight for Gladys (MHSRIEP)
A couple of weeks from now on 11th September 2021 we shall hold her 11th memorial mass for her demise, yet the responsible murderer will be celebrating his freedom. Imwee sure David hasn’t even saved half of his sentence, yet he is free actually he just went for a holiday of 7 years 9 months just like going for studies. This is sending very wrong signal to will be offenders out there that one can take any one’s life at least after 5 or 10 years one will be a free man.

These pardons are very hurtful to the families of the victims. Murders, especially premeditated should not be released to society.

Yours Concerned Zambian Citizen

Regina Mabenga _ Sikota

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