Parents should not push children into immorality

By Ernest Mwape-A Catholic Priest in Mpika has cautioned parents in the country against goading their children to indulge in immoral activities for earthly materials because this could ruin their life and future plans.

Delivering a sermon during a thanks giving Mass for the newly ordained Priest, Father Anthony Nicholas Mutale at Saint Monica Catholic Church in Mpika Sunday, Father Ignatius Mwaba said driving children into promiscuity was risky.

Father Mwaba said it was saddening to note that there were still some parents who encouraged daughters to sell their bodies for money and described them as being irresponsible.

“It is depressing to hear some parents driving their daughters to go in streets to ask for money from men. These parents are very irresponsible because they are risking lives of their children,” he noted.

he said although the economic situation had become unbearable for many families, it was unChristian and morally wrong to ask children to fund raise money in streets.

He argued that why should parents claim to love their children when they were putting them at risky by encouraging them to sell their bodies for earthly wealth.

He called on parents to uphold good morals and build their families on Christian values if the nation was to become free from moral decay.

He said it was through values of self-respect and discipline the nation could have a strong foundation based on Christianity.

Father Mutale was conducting a thanks giving Mass at St. Monica Parish for the first time since ordained as a Priest at Katibunga Parish by Bishop Ignatius Chama last July.

Before pursuing his Priesthood in the family of the Benedict Fathers in Tanzania , Fr. Mutale was living in St. Monica (Icengelo) Parish.

According to Father Mutale, the country has a total number of 13 Priests in the family of Benedict Fathers since its establishment1987. The Priests are only found at Katibunga Mission in Mpika and they concentrate on praying and working.

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