Parliament adjourned without voting on Bill 10

Parliament adjourned without voting on Bill 10

Parliament has adjourned indefinitely without voting on Bill 10.

The PF has been dilly darling to vote since they don’t have enough numbers to force through a Bill that seeks to amputate the constitution

The reason given for adjourning is the fear of the coronavirus.

But the PF will be having conferences on Friday.

The adjournment is good news for Judas Iscariot Lungwangwa and his disciples Teddy Kansonso and Mukumbuta Mulowa as it means they will remain on PF pat roll until next attempt.

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    Peace in Zambia 1 week ago

    A prayer for Zambia – Please Repeat Each Day
    March 2020

    Dear Lord…. who will save us poor Zambians from the people that claim to be our leaders?

    Lord please pray for us and protect us.

    Lord, please do not abandon us in the same way all our politicians and leaders have abandoned us. (not just one group – all of them, government, opposition, every single politician…..all have abandoned and betrayed us)

    Please protect us from the evil that walks among us and the hatred and division that these so-called leaders sow and promote.

    Please give us strength.

    Please save us from the lies that rain down each day from ALL our politicians and so-called leaders.

    Please bring us leaders that will care for us. That will protect us. That will help us in our time of need.

    Please free us from the tyranny, dishonesty and incompetence that is loose in our country and driving us towards disaster and a lifetime of poverty.

    Please Lord bring us hope.


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    Black muntu 2 weeks ago

    Mulekwata muchshi ba bwana, how can you tell our parliament national speaker like that. it is only in European Governance morals where a leader can resign once he notices that he is assaulting the interests of the nation he is saving and his reputation is in danger. just the issue of Honorable C. kambwili of UN FAIR removal from Parliament was enough for the speaker to resign, but what is happening? even the nation is quite in the name of christian nation,aaah aah.
    So even you Boss just go to bed and think of the price of milimeale and the Corona virus and Waite for 2021.

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    Idiocy Detector 2 weeks ago

    This Cadre/Speaker at one time thought that what’s good for the goose is only good for the goose now time has taught him the reality of the saying “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” His failure to rule was deliberate. Jesus said the following: “with the judgment you are judging, you will be judged, and with the measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you.” Matthew 7:2. Ba Matibini insoni ebuntu, you can even resign to save yourself from further idiotic embarrassment.