Parliament passes new labour bill

Parliament passes new labour bill


-Maternity leave increased to 5 months from 3 months.
-Pregnant employees entitled to 12 minutes rest per hour.
-Pregnant employees entitled to ask for deployment to lighter duties.
-Management entitled to over time compensation.
-All employees entitled to leave pay at the rate of 1 month salary every year.
-All employees entitled to housing allowance or employer arranges mortgage or advance to buy a house
.-Expatriates only allowed if an organization can demonstrate that no one in Zambia has that particular skill.
-The organization must identify an understudy to the expatriate and report progress in this regard to ministry of labour regularly
– Gratuity not less than 25% of basic pay per year served.

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    When does this come to effect

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    abilima 2 weeks ago

    5 months maternity leave??? I fully appreciate procreation, but this is too much.

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    Chisha Banda 2 weeks ago

    I do hope that these regulations have been worked and arrived at in consultation with employers and that they will be implemented. There is no point in legislating improved condition of employment that may not be implemented.It may be also important to indicate that Government itself is the chief violator of employment conditions of employment. I am reliably informed that University employees have not been paid gratuity for ten years. This in itself implies that the institution does not pay gratuities as required by law because it means that by the time when such moneys are paid, the true value would have been reduced because of the high inflation rate of the economy.