Parliament rejects PF’s Bennedete Deka

Parliament rejects PF’s Bennedete Deka

Parliament rejects Bernadette Deka to sit on ZNBC Board

Parliament has approved Mrs. Juliana K Mwila, Ms Mulenga Kapwepwe, Mr Nonde Kaniki, Mr Nalumino and Mr B Chipayeni

Bernadette Deka was dropped for lack of experience and maturity for such a high board position.

The committee also rejected her name on grounds that she is partisan PF members acknowledged that PMRC is a PF entity.
This is third blow for The highly ambitious youth

Bernadette canvassed to be appointed as Permanent Secretary at State House following the dismissal of Emmanuel Chilubanama.

President Lungu instead picked Chrysta Kalulu.

Recently President Lungu rejected her intense manouvres to be Industrial Development Cooperation (IDC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on similar grounds.

Instead President Lungu appointed experienced technocrat Mateyo Kaluba as IDC CEO.

IDC’s Board of Directors provides overall guidance and direction in the management of the company’s assets and investments.

The Board is comprised of three (3) Cabinet Ministers—Finance, Commerce Trade and Industry, and Agriculture; two (2) civil servants—the Secretary to the Treasury and Permanent Secretary for Commerce Trade and Industry; seven (7) private sector members and the Group Chief Executive Officer as an ex-officio member.

President of the Republic of Zambia is the Chairperson of the Board.

Bernadette sits on the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust and has used her previous close relationship to First Lady to grow her career.

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