Parliament requested to examine Kambwili’s sanity

Parliament requested to examine Kambwili’s sanity

Edgar Lungu’s partner Munir Zulu has written to Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini to constitute a team of doctors to examine Chishimba Kambwili’s mental faculties .

Munir Zulu argues that Kambwili is not normal and therefore not fit to be in parliament. He believes that Kambwili might have lost his sanity after being involved in three road traffic accidents.

Zulu is the guy who beat up traffic police officers but no action was taken against him because he is a partner of corrupt PF president Lungu. He is also the character who bought Lungu’ stupid hat during an auction.

Zulu wants Parliament to compel Kambwili to be examined by doctors to ascertain his mental functioning.

Zulu argues that Kambwili had been making insane statements just to withdraw them after a few days or hours.

According to Zulu, Kambwili revealed that minister of information Mulenga Kampamba was very poor before being appointed minister and was using newspapers to wipe her bottom. But, according to Zulu, Kambwili apologised afterwards, a move that suggests that he is not normal.

Zulu also claims that Kambwili once said he had never said Edgar Lungu is corrupt but a day after, he said Lungu was corrupt.

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